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Albino bristlenose Pleco won't eat

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I have a 1.5 months old 50G planted tank with drifted wood. Hosting 2 Angel, 4 Beheri rainbow, 1 rubber mouth pleco and 2 abino bristlenose pleco.
My plecos seem to hide behind my spongy filter and refuse to eat the Rapashy soilent green food. I cought one of my ABP flip up side down for like 30 seconds and his belly was very flat (there are enough algae at the wall for them to eat also, but it was pretty much untouch). He eventually right himself up so I place some Rapashy food next to him overnight. I don't think he touch it at all.
My water perimeter is great except the nitrate level was a little high (40PPM). I do 25% water change weekly. Water temp is around 76 degree.
Should I feed them cucumber and see if it works. I don't think it's stress cause they are in the tank for at least 2 weeks.