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Hey all, so I've been unsure what to do with my tank after I got it for aquaponics only to realise that having an aquaponics system in your bedroom is a bit silly.

I stumbled across an article online about plants that purify air and I thought hey, I could turn my aquarium into a vivarium full of plants that will oxygenate my room and filter out nasty chemicals!

(here's the article)
Top 18 Household Plants To Purify The Air, According To NASA [Infographic]

Looking at the species in the article, I was thinking about trying to grow Chinese Evergreen, Lilyturf, Peace Lily, Flamingo Lily and Spider Plant. All with most of their roots submerged. Should all these plants be able to grow in this manner? And are there any others from that article or elsewhere which filter toxins and would grow well?

... Also what are those suction cup plant pots called?

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