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My airstone has stopped working for my 5 gallon so I need to get a new one. As I was looking up new airstones on Amazon, I realized most require a higher wattage of pump. I have a Tetra Whisper 10 air pump (1.5 W) that is still putting out air, but not enough for my small Imagitarium bubbling airstone.

I looked up the airstone and it doesn't even say what wattage it requires of the pump, so I'm not even sure the airstone is supported by my pump's wattage. It never did a great job anyway; I've had it for around a year and it would only put out bubbles in one part, big enough to rise to the surface. Now I have to blow really hard through the hose to get any bubbles going.

I have a few questions:

1. Are diffusers only for CO2?--Or can they be used with an air pump? What would be better, a diffuser or air stone?

2. Are pump 'outlets' for sending air to multiple tanks at once?

3. My pump sounds fine for nano tanks of my size, but it seems like all the airstones for sale require higher wattage. Do I need a stronger pump? Or is there a place that sells airstones with low wattage requirements?

4. The 5 gallon tank is 16" higher than the 2.5 gallon, and the pump would have to be level with the bottom of the lower 2.5g tank (though not right next to it). Would this positioning still work or force the air pump to work harder for both tanks?

5. Does the air pump's watts need to be double the requirement per airstone? (such as if an airstone needs a 2 W pump and there's two airstones, then a 4 W pump?

I'm looking at these airstones currently, but they require 2-4 watts for a pump, which sounds like a lot of wattage for some nano tanks.
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