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Air pump issue, a 60 to small?

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Finally got my air pump yesterday, ran my line and seem to have a weird issue. Here's how I'm setup...

Tetra 60 - 1st line goes into the 20 gallon, splits into 2 lines; one goes to a sponge filter and the other to an air stone. 2nd line goes into a small 2.5 gal tank with small air stone.

Everything works, but the air stone in the big tank. I've switched airstones, moved things around, unhooked/turned off the 2nd line and switched the splitter. Nothing has worked thus far. I can get the airstone to work, just not with the sponge filter going at the same time.

I assumed a 60 was more than big enough as it's just 2 lines in a 20 gallon. The 3rd line was just added as I wanted to push some water around a bit in the small tank.

Any advice on this? My new shrimp are happy, but it's driving me nuts as I want to get my lines squared away so I can leave the tank be for a bit.
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Bah, I know what your talking about... I had looked at one but didn't think I needed it as the pump came with a screw adjustment for each line.

Hoping that's the issue, nothing sucks worse than buying something you were looking forward to and not having it work. That was basically the last thing I needed for the tank. The shrimp don't seem to mind though, they actually flock to me whenever I go in the tank to fool around... curious little buggers.
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