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Air pump airline plans?

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Anyone know of any methods for DIY rack air pump piping to attach air lines to?

I'm sure it is simple, I'd just rather not reinvent the wheel. I have airlines running all over the place, and piping to attach to would sure help eliminate clutter.
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i think you can purchases a 'hub' from somewhere that has 1 inlet and 6ish gang valves try googling airline fittings etc
Thanks, however I'm looking more at piping I can just plug my airline hoses into. :)
oh right hahah lol
i made one once out of pvc piping which i drilled and glued in air line conectors to atatch mine to and then i capped the end with a rubber cap and sprayed it black looked quite good but you need quite a low diameter piping for it to be more effective
Might be able to do something with some semi-rigid tubing that you use for the water lines for icemakers on refrigerators. Not sure about the connections, but I am sure something could be fashioned pretty easily.

Or I bet you could use this drip line that's normally used for irrigation...
Oooh! Good ideas!

Guppy, what did you use to glue in the connectors?
I use pvc and buy av1(?) valves from jehmco or kens. I have a pvc loop running all the way around my fishroom. When i want to add a tank i just drill a new hole, screw in a valve,and drop a line to the tank. They are only about $1.10 each.
Great info! Thanks!
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