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This is my first time using a canister filter. I'm using the Eheim installation set 1 and primed it according to the instructions (make sure canister and output are empty, close intake valves, fill intake tube with water, then open valves). The filter works but I'm pretty there is still air in the filter. It makes a humming noise and I can hear water swishing noises if I put my ear close to it. When I turn the filter off and rock it around I can hear the water inside sloshing.

I've tried tilting the filter over and rocking it around when it's on and when it's off, some air comes out the output but it doesn't fix the humming and water noises. I'll do this until no more air comes out, then wait a while, do it again and more air comes out.

I thought maybe air was getting into the filter from somewhere so I checked the o-ring on the filter top (and made sure the top was on correctly after) and the o-rings on the intake side and they all seemed normal, though I'm not sure what a damaged o-ring would look like. I put everything back together re-primed the filter after this, still the same noises.

A couple things I noticed, though. After I primed the filter again there was a pretty large air pocket under the white filter pad that went away after I turned the filter on. Also, when I closed and opened the intake valves with the filter off, some air bubbles would go up the intake tube, when I noticed this I did it a few times until the bubbles stopped. Does this mean things are not sealed correctly somewhere around there? I made sure to put everything together as tight as I could.

I've done a bunch of research but I still can't figure out exactly what's wrong, so now I'm here hoping someone can help me.
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