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Air foam in CO² Mixer

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Hello all,

Here is a photo of the Mix Max Co² reactor i am running at 1bubble/s, at the end of the day: As you can see, the top of the cylinder is filled with a foam made of tiny bubbles and this doesn't happen sooner than at least 5 hours of continuous lighting and Co² injection. The foam does remain a while after light and CO² are switched off. Could someone give an explanation ?


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I haven't seen one of these CO2 reactors, but, as I understand them, they have a rotor in the top, where the incoming water makes it spin. That is supposed to help mix the CO2 in the water. I doubt that it is any more effective than the simple DIY reactors many of us have made, and the rotor isn't likely to do anything of value, other than make the water swirl in the tube as it flows down to the outlet pipe. If there is too much dissolved organic matter in the water I can see where it might generate some foam, but I'm surprised that it would be that much.

It is certainly a tiny reactor, so if you don't have room for a full size DIY reactor this might be an advantage. And, the price is absurdly low.
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I have the same one. It works well. I find that if the water flow to CO2 ratio is too low, the top fills with CO2. I'm guessing your CO2 is off at night so it " catches up".

I had mine plumbed after a valve so I was able to turn up the water flow which worked for me.
i don't believe the foam is caused by excess of organic matter, unlike with a protein skimmer used in coral tanks, the foam is not permanent while the water flow is constant. The reactor i have is not that tiny, it is 18cm tall and 5cm in diameter. I believe the propeller is helpful in improving the mixing of injected CO² with water, as a result, CO² is so well dissolved that no visible bubble is seen out of the water pipe in the tank.
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