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Please forgive me if this is the incorrect forum but after my most recent conversation with AHSupply I just had to post a comment.

Five years ago I began piecing together equipment to build a planted 29 Gallon planted tank. After numerous hours on these very forums I finally had what I believed to be a valid parts list for a build. Unfortunately life and finances prevented start up at that time. Since then my wife and I had a beautiful baby boy (he is 3 now) and I graduated with a BSME. Finally things have settled down and the finances are better equipped to handle a planted tank venture.

At the time I researched AHSupply to replace my stock plastic lighted canopy with something a little more plant friendly. I have always intended to go with CO2 so a higher wpg was acceptable. (Recent research through the forum says that wpg may not be the gold standard in determining if you have enough light for your tank now??? I'm still looking into that) I ordered a 2x55 Watt kit and it arrived on time and undamaged. Unfortunately it was never installed and remained in the attic until just recently. After building a custom canopy ( I'm planning on doing a journal so look out for that) and getting the AHSupply kit out of storage I realized I was missing an end cap. I contacted AHSupply and luckily nothing has changed in the hobby that would prevent me from picking up an new end cap to work with my existing setup.

Here is the beautiful part. First, he didn't try to sell me a new kit he simply offered my the one component I needed to fix my problem. Secondly, after describing my new tank (Craigslist is evil btw I didn't need a new tank but it was close and cheap 55G ftw) He assured me that unless I'm growing a very demanding ground cover plant, an additional 2x55W kit would be overkill. WHAT?! you had the opportunity to up sell and you took the high road? Thats unheard of. I absolutely can not say enough good things about this establishment If I ever need additional light ( I still have the 29G hmmmm) I will defiantly be calling AHSupply.

I just though you guys should know. Although I'm probably preaching to the choir.

P.S Craigslist has an even bigger tank available now...with in driving distance too.....oh no....
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I had a light come with an encap that was a bit loose and called them and a new one, no qualms or question asked arrived within days.

I'll back you up on saying these are good products and good people. They even took the time to help me figure how to configure the 2-55 kits I bought into an old hood and make it work.
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