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Hey gang, oldie newbie here. I worked in, opened, and managed fish stores in the 80s and have only recently returned to this obsession. My how things have changed.

I recently purchased a 60 gallon Marineland tank, 48x13x24 and the stock fluorescents weren't cutting it. So I did some research here before joining and corresponded with Kim at AHS. I explained that I was growing Java Ferns and Anubis and he said I could go with T5s or 26w LEDs. I countered with 20w after reviewing the PAR levels on his website but he said I'd need 26w. I asked if they could be dimmed and he said "no."

They arrived within the week and boy are they bright. So bright that my amazingly red Neon Rosy Barb is now a pinkish gold. I have no algae growth yet, but I expect it will be impressive considering the light levels. The tank is MUCH more evenly lit now, but I'm afraid the Java fern will bleach out and the Anubis become covered in algae. I got some Amazon Swords hoping they'd benefit from the light.

Do I want this much light? Will I be okay with Otos and these fancy new Nerite and Rabbit snails? Should I ask to exchange the bulbs? Any feedback would be appreciated :)
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