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Ahhh, my swords. Deficiency, burns or ramshorn snack?

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Hey All,

I was looking through my plants today for any signs of bad juju and noticed a lot of my older, very tall leaves have this (sucky pictures, so sorry):

Out of water:

In water:

They are transparent spots, but not holes. Basically, all of the color is gone, and whats left is a clear film.

I was thinking deficiency, but all of the new growth looks good. So, maybe they are burnt? They are so tall, they are inches (yes 2-3 inches) from the fixture. Heres a reference:

Should I prune em? :| Ahhh
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Mine are doing this too, are you dosing potassium?
Yes, KNO3 and K2HPO4 3x per week, gh booster 1x per week. I really thinking its too much light exposure. Directly under the finnex ray 2 is some serious par
My swords are doing this also. It happened after i brushed them with a toothbrush to remove brown algae, then i soaked them in a Clorox and water solution for a few seconds. I'm sure my clear spots are from doing all that, so i wonder what yours are from.. Mine seem to be gaining some color back though, and i haven't seen any brown algae in a few days
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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