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Aggressive Rummy Nose Tetra

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Hello fellow fish lovers,

I have a bit of an issue and I will give you guys the scenerio. hopefully it may help you guys understand what might be happening in my 2o gallon long.. and help me.
I have had 8 rummy nose tetras (now 4.) for about 2 and 1/2 years now and... at first my one siamese algae eater was aggressively chasing them so all they did for the most part was hide in the heavily planted crypts.
After some time they starting chasing and forming territories within another as well...even with the SAE attacking them.
They got skinny and I decided it was time to remove the SAE. So I placed it in a 10 gallon planted and algae loaded aquarium.
A couple days after removing the SAE my rummies began schooling again and came out... very thin though.
Within a week or two they started getting more food intake and looked more alive.
Then suddenly one of the rummies began to attack and defend literally the entire tank from the others... especially when I begin feeding. so now... the cycle of aggression as happened again.. only this time its not the SAE but the one rummy tetra. Its not a female either... its a bit medium sized.. maybe male bc it is very vibrant.
I suppose small numbers could cause this so I just got 6 more rummy nose tetras... and so far I do not see any difference in aggression with the one rummy. I know it will not happen over night or right away...
But, was getting more rummies a good idea?

What do you guys think or suggest?

Water parameters; Ph - 5.8
Ammonia - 0 ppm
Nitrite - 0 ppm
Nitrate - 5.0 ppm
Temp - 26.1 Celsius
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Getting more rummies was a good idea to curb the aggression and reduce some stress/make the rummy group happier. Although quarantining new fish would of been recommended.

I would guess the one rummy has become food aggressive all the sudden simply due to it needing to become a more fierce competitor for food, for survival reasons. It may calm down once they learn food won't be scarce any more (not that it was scarce, but the stress from the SAE and bullying caused the fish to not eat much and were starving in that way). Then again it may not stop bothering the others.

I would recommend netting out the aggressive rummy and adding it to another tank (the SAE tank if no other tank). Give it 24 hours or so (I personally give it a week, but some have success separating for a day or so) before adding the rummy back in with the other rummies. This separating method does the trick most of the time. If it didn't work separating for 24 hours, try again but with a longer separation period. Rearranging the tank may help (although they aren't a territorial fish). They could just be re-establishing their hierarchy of the pack, but the aggression shouldn't be too bad if that was the case.

Be aware that if the new rummies brought over a disease, it is possible moving the now possibly infected aggressive rummy to the SAE tank, might contaminate the SAE tank (the risk of not quarantining).

By the way, the 10 gallon is too small of a home for the SAE to keep long term, so think about rehoming or trading/donating him to the pet store. Or get a bigger tank, but the aggression may still be present with older SAE. By the way, SAE are social fish, so they prefer to be in groups.
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