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Curious if anyone else with these fish notice them being aggressive to tankmates?

I have a densely planted 20g long that I started with a small group of emerald dwarf rasbora, exclamation point rasbora, and some cherry shrimp. I started with a small group (6 of each fish) because the tank was still relatively young, but its been 6 months since adding fish and the tank is doing great. I made the move to add more fish, so we're up to 10 emerald dwarfs and a dozen exclamation points + the shrimp.

One of the new emerald dwarfs seems unusually aggressive. It was fine in quarantine, was thin but gained weight and otherwise seemed normal. But once added to the main tank seems to be acting out.

I specifically noticed the exclamation points were bunching up in one corner of the tank. I figured it was just the new guys being stressed from the move, but its actually all of them (old and new). Checked and re-check water parameters (ammonia, nitrates, nitrites all 0, temp is stable at 74, ph is stable at 7.5).

But this one emerald is large, bigger than any of the ones I already have, and I've seen it chasing after the other fish (both the other emeralds and the exclamation points). Seems especially aggressive around feeding time. I've even seen it nipping at the cherry shrimp, which is wild since the emeralds I already had are so shy I basically never saw them.

Its only been two days since adding the new batch. Is this normal? Should I give things more time to settle in and establish a pecking order? Everything I've read said these fish are placid, which seems true for all the others in the tank, its just this one large bully.
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