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Aggressive CRS

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I've never heard of this behavior before so I thought I would ask if you guys have seen it. My CRS are the most aggressive shrimp in my tank (yes that's right, those crystal red caridina). They started off pushing the neocaridina out of the way of food, and I just witnessed them working together to push an amano away from food (yes, the giant 2" long amanos). They kept body slamming the amano until it backed off and it looked like some sort of strange macho competition.
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Please attempt to document this behavior to video, I have never seen such behavior before!
Haha, are these the CRS I sent you?

Mine are in a single species tank, so I've never seen them do this to others. They definitely hop on each other from time to time to fight over food, and it seems to happen more when I have large numbers. Thinning out tend to reduce the behavior, so that's what I do every so often.

This weekend got away from me, so I didn't get to do an RAOK. I'm about 99% certain I'll be giving away at least a dozen CRS next weekend for shipment on Monday :)

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They're the same ones, and I'll do my best to get a video of it if it happens again!
They're berried now and the most active shrimp in there!
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This colony sounds like it's really fun to observe
So I just got my first few CRS and put them into a 15 gal dirted I recently setup (as in the past 3 months recent!). I found a wild type Neo in my blue colony and put it with the CRS as i don't really have a better cull tank. They attack the poor gal on site. I was not expecting this behavior. Any thoughts? I will see if i can get a video...
Not quite sure what i am going to do with the neo if this keeps up.
Mine harrassed my neos when I first introduced them, but it seems they stop doing that after a while until food comes into play.
I came in after lights out and the neo was in with the rest of the shrimp crew. No one looks hurt and the Neo is still all berried up so I think they figured it out.
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