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Aggressive after molting?

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In my yellow neo tank, I seem to be losing the juvi sized shrimp after they molt. I'll find a nice clean molt in the morning, and then pieces of a shrimp left over. The best I can tell, the molted shrimp is being attacked. I do have moss, wood and tubes in the 10 gallon tank, so there seems to be good hiding places. Also, I have 3 good sized females berried up in there, so it's not all shrimp, just unlucky ones. About 25-30 shrimp total in the tank. I'll check water params when I change water today, but they have been stable for a while. Just curious if others have seen similar behavior before?
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first of what are the parameters? stable does not tell us anything. most of the time shrimp will only attach weak or sick shrimp when they molt. so there was either an issue during molting or something else that caused the attach.
I had the same prob with some yellows that i had, they were super aggressive. More aggressive then the blue and oranges i had.
Those shrimp which they call Ghost shimp are deffinately that way. They seem to smell
one molting and go looking for it. Had one in my RCS tank till I watched him act as if
he just smelled something he might like and go after it. Didn't take him long to find it either.
I have this issue in my some of my tanks, some shrimp are just more aggressive then others. Then if the numbers of shrimp are a bit heavy and the hidey holes a bit light then molting shrimp simply become a victim of circumstance. I was having 1-3 deaths every day once my C grades arrived due to not enough hiding spots vs amount of shrimp. I wound up grabbing a ton of cholla, bamboo tunnels, and bamboo slivers, and an extra cave and tossing them in the tank. My tank looks like hell right now but they stopped eating each other. Mind you, before that there was cholla logs, moss, caves and such in there but apparently not enough for the amount of shrimp. Leaf litter such as IAL leaves will also help with this if you can position them where they create a hiding area underneath (I get mine to land laying across logs and such).

Now, if you feed some extra protein like frozen blood worms once a week this has helped some folks tone the aggression down. It doesn't work in my instance but has worked for many keepers and breeders. Just be cautious and don't feed too often or you will run into molting issues (possibly) which can lead to death. It basically causes them to grow too fast and when they molt the exoskeleton is not truly ready to molt and they are weak coming out of it.
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