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african dwarf feogs

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I've had these guys since I was little and they live about 2-5 years in my tanks. I've never ever had one get out of the tank.

so I'm laying on my bedroom floor since its the coldest spot in the house watching Netflix on my ps4 with my headphones so my daughter and fiance can sleep. Zoned out I feel something on my arm. I freak out thinking its a spider. We get some at the house that are bigger than half dollars. Lol

anyways I jumped up threw my headphones off and my fiance woke up freaked out. She said to me wtf are you doing. I turned the light on and there this little male African dwarf frog is looking up at me. Hopped back in my hand and into the tank. Lol this is he funniest thing I have ever had happen to me being an aquarist. Has anyone else had stories like this. Of course my fiance freaked out if her frog was ok. Mind you my tank is on a 3foot dresser and the drop is 54" down.
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Put a lid on the tank. Lucky for the frog that you were awake.
I had one jump out of the tank before when I was doing water changes and the lid was open, so I know they can and will jump. I count them after each water change since then to make sure they are all still in there. Mine was lucky, I saw him on the floor before my cats saw him.
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