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African Clawed Frogs (Warning, graphic image!)

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I was doing some tank maintenance and just before finishing I was looking around the tank and saw this:

Poor little guy! She (the frog) let him go after a few minutes but he is hurting, lost a lot of scales on one side and his fins are beat up. I'm not sure if he'll recover or not but it certainly woke me up. No matter how many success stories you read about keeping fish with these guys, it's just a matter of time before they get the drop on a fishy. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the fish now, I want to go back to a species only tank. I may just let nature take it's course since I'll be setting up a new tank in a month or so. Any survivors will stay in this tank.

Just thought I'd share this with anyone thinking about housing these guys!


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what kind of fish is this? a tetra i presume?
ACF's can't be kept with fish unless they are feeder fish. That's what they eat. Dwarf frogs are fine with fish but clawed's will hunt and eat them. That's what the claws are for. They can also get very big, so hope you have a big tank for them.
acitydweller: Yeah, it's a black skirt tetra, the biggest one in the tank. Probably 1.5-2 inches.

GetToChkn: Yeah, I know the rep, but heard from quite a few people that tetras were generally quick enough to escape them. Which I had thought was pretty solid since they've lived together for about 5 months and I've never seen a frog even lunge at a fish. I actually have dwarf frogs as well in another tank and I've seen them protect food and bite at fish more often. Until now of course.

Right now, they're in a 20 gallon, but they're still young (I'm guessing 6 months old?) and not full grown. I'll be upgrading their tank soon as the female is starting to get over 5" and the males around 3.5"
Sorry about the tetra...but that is still a facinating photo!

We can't have those in Cali. They are super invasive. Took over a couple of ponds in Golden Gate Park.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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