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Affects of city treating water?

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Here , post 4 read -
Water company may be adding something to raise the pH but that does not affect the GH and KH. Example: My tap water GH and KH are pretty consistent at 4-5 degrees, but the pH ranges from 7.5 to almost 9.

pH is not the thing to measure to keep the fish happy.
Make the GH and KH suit the fish, and never mind what the pH is doing.
by Diana

What are thoughts on this?
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It's worth noting that pH determines how much of any ammonia that's dissolved in the water column will be ionized as ammonium hydroxide. So if you have a high pH, you need to pay particular attention to ammonia.

But that doesn't change Diana's main point regarding pH/GH/KH, with which I agree completely.
There are many treatment processes at water plants that could raise the pH, some on purpose.

I would agree also, kh and gh stability should be more of a target, as pH is affected by so many things that putting a hand on it would be chasing your tail.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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