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I know that there is probably an easier way to be using ferts i.e. dry powder. However, I have many large bottles of Seachem products that I wish to use before I experiment with any other method.
I like that they sell their supplements individually so as to allow a greater range of customization though this makes actually dosing more of a process. In an effort to establish more a routine and make things more enjoyable for me I painted and labeled a set of dropper bottles for each of my tanks.
As photoed from left to right:
Excel, Flourish Trace, Fresh Trace, Potassium, and Iron

I'm now at the point of dosing MACROs which would mean adding two more bottles, Nitrogen and Phosphorous, to each set which would total 7 bottles for each tank. Was thinking that maybe I could streamline it a little and combine some of the bottles. For example maybe the Iron, Potassium, and Excel as I dose that everyday???

Any thoughts, ideas, experience are always welcome!


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