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Hello everyone. The short version is this:

A few weeks ago nasty storms knocked out the power for over a week during the summer and the temperature got above 90 for a sustained period before it was restored. I lost my wild neocaridina colony and most of my blue ramshorns, and from the looks of it, even my bladder snails. The pond snails survived, of course, but those are moved to a 5 gallon as I find them.

I do plan on re-establishing my neocaridina colony once I am certain the tank is totally stable again. In the meantime, I have replacements for my blue ramshorns and the floaters that melted on the way, I managed to snag half a dozen mts which have been added, and I will probably try to hunt down some more actual bladder snails to add the tank.

I'd like to add some purple mystery snails but have not kept those before and have read that they have a fairly high bioload. I've had nerites in another tank and will not ever do that again. I don't care for the cemented egg trails they leave on everything.

I am playing with the idea of adding half a dozen ottos much later down the road, but probably will not.

How many mystery snails would you recommend in a moderately planted tank this size for what will hopefully be a booming neocaridina colony, taking into account the "pest" snail population, with and without the addition of 6 ottocinclus?
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