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Advice please!

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I'm setting up a 20L neo tank. As for plant there will only be Anubias petit and Taiwan/Fissedens. There will be a couple pieces of driftwood along with cholla. What would be the best light for this tank? Being that moss and Anubias likes shade I'm thinking a single bulb would do. Any thoughts? Thx e
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I'm setting up nearly the exact same setup as you. I asked about this exact topic too haha. Give this a read over that light is cheap too
Oh... You need a glass cover for that light though :( not sure if you were planning on one
I got a led light by Brightworks that I like, you can use it with glass or no glass, i got the one with more bulbs. Pretty inexpensive for led and it does the job.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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