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Here is a list of plants in got from a member on here. I have read all I can read about these plants and their required care. It's a high tech setup also with EI and blasting sand.

If anyone has any advice from personal experience with these plants please share. Best ways to plant, placement, splitting the plants into smaller ones before planting etc.

Hygrophila angustifolia
AR mini
Baby tears
Rotala r
Bacopa Carolina
Bacopa monnerii
Ludwigia repens
Star grass
Cardinalis small form
Dwarf hairgrass
Blyxa japonica
Peacock moss
Pygmy chain sword

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For most of them just stick it in the substrate in a way you find aesthetically pleasing. For the carpet plants (DHG etc.), try and split them into really small plugs and then plant in the same way. Stick the moss on hardscape.

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