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Advice on Substrate

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I have a 10 gallon tank and my substrate is a blue mix. I want something more natural and is good for plant roots. Plus, I need someone's experience
in substrate changing(The procedure)
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Flourite, Eco-Complete, and Aqua Soil are all proven planted aquarium-specific substrates. Soilmaster is not intended for aquariums, but it's also fired clay, and so it works.

As for changing out the substrate, I would just tear the whole tank down with a 10 gallon. If it was a 100 gallon, already heavily planted, maybe not, but a tear down is the easiest way to replace substrate.
I agree completely with the above. Just empty that sucker out. Make sure you wash out your new substrate really well, you'll thank yourself once you add water to it.

Don't overlook sand as well for a substrate. I feel like I've said this thirty times this week, but sand makes a great substrate, and gives a very natural look.

Good luck with your search :)
don't forget to keep your mulm and layer it into your new substrate.
Shultz quatic soil works well too. Thats what I'm using in my 2.5
use Eco complete, its easier for new hobbysists to work with. Do a *SEARCH* for "eco vs aquasoil"

Also, do a *SEARCH" for "changing substrate" i just did it w/ steps to illustrate
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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