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Hi all,

I was a little surprised that my water column jumped from 6.2 to 7.6 pH and 0-1 gH/kH to 6 gH/2 kH after dosing Salty Shrimp gH/kH+. The instructions say the full spoon included would increase 2.5gal to 6 gH/2 kH (it seems that it had twice the impact). I expected pH to go up but not that much.

The fish and shrimp seem fine and not in pH shock, so I'm wondering if I should leave it be as the new normal, or do a 30-50% WC (without remineralizing) to bring the pH down to around 7 for slightly happier plants. Out of the tap, water is over 8.0 and very soft.

I wanted to increase hardness to add buffering capacity and see if I could get the fire red shrimp to breed. What do you all think, where should I strike the right balance here?
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