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Advice on new shrimp tank setup

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I am planning a 10 gallon shrimp tank and have never kept shrimp or a planted aquarium before, so I am looking for help seeing if I have the right idea before I get the stuff to set up the tank and hopefully introduce the shrimp.
I am hoping to house 8 blue velvet shrimp and 5 amano shrimp in this tank with a bristlenose pleco and a zebra nerite snail. Would this be too many inhabitants for a tank this size?
I was hoping to provide some thicker plant life at the sides of the tank and rock and wood towards the middle, and ground cover and surface cover plants.
So far I've found that the water needs to be conditioned with dechlorinator, and also maybe with a bacteria liquid because I have no existing tank to take bacteria or substrate from. Besides this, a sponge filter, plant substrate, lighting and fertilizer for the plants, a thermometer, food for the shrimp and fish, and things like leaves or rocks for the shrimp to feed off of and hide in, is there anything else I would need to set a tank like this up successfully, or anything else I would need to do?
I know to drip acclimate the shrimp carefully so they aren't shocked and check the PH and other parameters of the water before I introduce them, but is there anything besides that and get the tank set up and running for a while prior to the shrimp arriving that I would need to do so all the inhabitants live well?
I was thinking of including an air stone, because I read that shrimp do better with more oxygen in the water, and also I just like the bubbles. Would this be good for this tank set up or would it be best to avoid it?
Thanks for the help.
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