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Advice On My Planted Set Up

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some advice on my planted set up.
I am currently running the following:

55g tank
Fluval 306 canister filter
Tetra whisper air pump and small air stone
Coralife 48 inch dual bulb T5 HO lights
6,700K bulb
10,000K bulb
Glass aquarium top

Java Fern
Water Sprite
Corkscrew Val
Flame Moss

Flourish 1 dose a week
Flourish Excel 5 doses after water change & then 1 dose daily
Flourish Root Tabs

The main problem that I am having is that I am not seeing any significant growth on any of my plants. I am also noticing that some of the plants have black/brown spots on some of the leaves and stalks. I am looking for advice from some experienced planted tank keepers. Do I need additional ferts? Am I missing a key component?

Thank you all for your responses
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On my 55g, the 10k lights gave me nothing but trouble. I pulled them out and run just 2 6500k bulbs and I get solid growth.

also note, most plants it takes 1-2 weeks for them to root. During this time, you will not see much growth, mainly melting and getting use to your water during this time.

How long do your lights run for currently?

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I have had all the plants for 4-5 weeks at this point. I use to just dose excell once a week. I just recently started dosing the proper amount in the last week.
I originally had a colormax bulb in place of the 10,000k bulb but it burned out. I also keep the lights on for 8-9 hours a day.

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If the brown spot are only on your Java Ferns, it is possible that your tank could be deficient in Nitrogen. I'm certainly NO expert, as I'm new to the hobby, but I experienced brown spots on my Java Ferns recently. I researched it, researched it more, tested my water, threw my Java Ferns in my fish tank, which does contain Nitrogen, (I keep no fish in my planted tank), and watched as the brown spots disappeared over the course of a week.

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There are some spots on the java fern so I may need to add some nitrogen. I haven't been dosing with anything else because before I upgraded to T5 lighting my plants were doing fine. I'm just really trying to figure out where something is missing in the equation.
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