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First off, thank you to everyone on the site. I've read quite a few threads and found a lot of valuable advice here.

Down to my question. I have a 20 gallon high tank that I fishless cycled for 6 weeks before adding some animals. It is a planted tank with driftwood, 2 hides, a bubbler, heater, filter, and a crushed coral/gravel substrate mix.

-Willow moss
-Java Fern

-5 Stained Glass Nerite Snails
-5 Zebra Thorn Nerite Snails
-5 Tiger Eye Nerite Snails
-a large amount of Red Ramshorn Snails
-1 Blue Crayfish
-4 Albino Tiger Barbs
-3 Giant Danio

I want to add more fish without crowding my tank. I know I probably need 2 more tiger barbs to make the shoal more comfortable, unless people see this as unnecessary? What else do you think I could get? I really love gourami, cory catfish, angelfish, plecos, neon tetras, and hatchets; my absolute favorite being gouramis.

Any advice on what I can add to make it comfortable but still get what I want?

Additionally, I ordered a new filter because mine is old and loud. Is the best way to introduce this filter to run them simultaneously for about a month so the new one can build up its bioload?

Thank you, I really appreciate and value the advice!

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Thanks everyone for the advice! I was worried that would be the case. I've been wanting to get a larger tank anyway, but I'm worried that I'll start sinking myself into quite the money pit if I purchase a 55+ gallon tank and need to furnish it the way I want. I guess maybe if I do it slowly, I can take cuttings from my existing plants. I'll mull it over, and re-post if I need anything else.

Thanks again!
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