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Advice on fish selection

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First off, thank you to everyone on the site. I've read quite a few threads and found a lot of valuable advice here.

Down to my question. I have a 20 gallon high tank that I fishless cycled for 6 weeks before adding some animals. It is a planted tank with driftwood, 2 hides, a bubbler, heater, filter, and a crushed coral/gravel substrate mix.

-Willow moss
-Java Fern

-5 Stained Glass Nerite Snails
-5 Zebra Thorn Nerite Snails
-5 Tiger Eye Nerite Snails
-a large amount of Red Ramshorn Snails
-1 Blue Crayfish
-4 Albino Tiger Barbs
-3 Giant Danio

I want to add more fish without crowding my tank. I know I probably need 2 more tiger barbs to make the shoal more comfortable, unless people see this as unnecessary? What else do you think I could get? I really love gourami, cory catfish, angelfish, plecos, neon tetras, and hatchets; my absolute favorite being gouramis.

Any advice on what I can add to make it comfortable but still get what I want?

Additionally, I ordered a new filter because mine is old and loud. Is the best way to introduce this filter to run them simultaneously for about a month so the new one can build up its bioload?

Thank you, I really appreciate and value the advice!
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Joe, first of all, glad to have you aboard planted tank. There is a lot of very smart people here.

Secondly, your new filter, if you can move the filter pads or bio-media over, you can just load it up right away and replace the HOB immediately.

Lastly, your fish load. That is touchy one. The rule of thumb, 1" per gallon rule kind of applies and you will run up against that very shortly. I say kind of because you can violate that one a bit if you perform large (50% or greater) water changes regularly.

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I feel like you should re-home the giant they get rather large for a 20 and like having space....maybe then you could just have a total of 6 or 8 tiger barbs and call it a day? You do have quite a lot of snails.

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Thanks everyone for the advice! I was worried that would be the case. I've been wanting to get a larger tank anyway, but I'm worried that I'll start sinking myself into quite the money pit if I purchase a 55+ gallon tank and need to furnish it the way I want. I guess maybe if I do it slowly, I can take cuttings from my existing plants. I'll mull it over, and re-post if I need anything else.

Thanks again!
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