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Advice on dsm moss approach

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Based upon a few posts I have read here on Planted Tank Net.,
the growing of moss can be done with a dsm start. I have tried
to attempt to put those ideas to work on my 10 gallon. I have
a 1/2 inch of water wetting some towels. And several moss
attachments on rock, mesh and wood. I am trying this
with Xmas moss and Fissidens. I have even tried to grind
the moss and fix it to the rock in small pieces. I am misting
daily, and I have 11 watt lighting. Covered with saran wrap.
I need some advice! Will this approach work? Do I need
higher light? Do I need to do the dsm approach with soil?
I am not getting very much humidity with this lighting.
Lights are on 6 hrs a day. Am I missing something?




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Try better lighting and maybe even DIY paintball co2
I have a CO2 setup I can use. Don't you use CO2 for
filled tanks. How does the CO2 air get dispersed in
a non filled tank? And is it effective? How many bubbles
per sec. do you use?
NO don't waste your CO2 on an empty tank! There's enough CO2 in there naturally for moss, just open it up everyday to mist them.
Yea, I've been wondering about DSM with moss.... I figured it'd be like every other DSM method for HC, UG, DHG, etc. Curious to see how this works out for you :biggrin:

I'd probably double your lighting since you don't have to worry about algae in a non-filled tank.

And yea, definitely don't waste CO2 of any kind on this tank, it's not even filled! Open up the corner of the saran wrap for a few minutes each day to let the air vent a bit.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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