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I’m in the planning stages of converting my 75-gallon planted tank into a brackish paludarium for mudskippers and fiddler crabs, and possibly some mollies.

I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible. My idea is to build up about ½ of the tank for a land area using piles of slate, then put play sand over that. The water area will have the same playsand as substrate. I’m aiming for a coastal beach theme, which I think will look good with the playsand, driftwood, and rocks. I also have java moss, java fern, anubias, and val’s to use as plants along with various rocks as decoration.

For filtration I’ve got a Rena XP3 with spray bar that I was going to aim at the back wall to create a trickling waterfall type effect.

Does anyone see a problem with this type of set-up ? Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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