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Hey, so I bought 14 Green Neon Rasbora/ Kubotai Rasbora originally planning them to go in my 30 gallon with my Cardinal Tetras and Harlequin Rasboras, mainly because I don't understand sizes apparently.
They're so tiny! I'm worried they'll a)get harassed or eaten in the 30 gallon or b) will be so tiny they won't find the food I want to feed them.

They're in quarantine right now, and I'm fully prepared to get, say, a 3 gallon Picotope for them if need be, however I wanted to ask you all about your opinion:
Would a teeny nano fish survive in a planted 30 gallon with other larger fish?

Alternatively, can they be happy in a 3 gallon Picotope, possibly with Cherry Shrimp?

If anyone has any advice or suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Thank you!
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