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Advice for Odd Shaped 16 Gallon

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Hey Folks. Tonight I picked up a cool little tank. It's an Aqueon 16 gallon "WideScreen". The dimensions are 30.25 (Long) X 8.25 (front to back) X 19.5 (tall). So it's long and tall, but very narrow. I got it to put in my small office because it'll tuck up against the wall and not take up much space. The light in it is junk. It's a LED but really cheap. I'm struggling to figure out what kind of light to get for it. I plan on planting it low tech with anubias, java ferns, crypts, and other fairly easy plants. Any thoughts?
Any opinions on the BeamsWork 24"-30" Hi Lumen LED Aquarium Light Fixture 60 48x0.5W?
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It could be a great nano fish community tank. Even just a school of 30 or so microrasbora would be super happy in that tank.
Yeah, I totally agree. I'm not quite sure how to configure lighting for it though. Any thoughts? Would a, 18 watt T8 daylight bulb have enough juice to reach the substrate?

I'm going to use a capped dirt bed for substrate.
Anyone got any advice on lighting this tank you want to share? Somebody must have an opinion they can bring to the table.
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