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I've pretty much decided to get a CO2 regulator kit from GLA. I just want to validate my choice with you before I order.

I would probably buy the Primo

But there is also one with a more expensive regulator

More expensive needle valve

More expensive regulator and needle valve

Is there any real benefit if I buy one of the more expensive kit?
My aquarium is 95g and I'll be using 20lbs bottles.

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I am not sure what the more expensive regulator model is (aside from the fact that it is a Smith).

The single stage Cornelius regulator is fine. You may experience EOTD, but just make sure you swap out your cylinder when the pressure begins to drop and you should be fine.

The more expensive needle valve appears to be the Ideal metering valve. It will allow for finer control of your bubble rate.

Also, there are cheaper options out there ;)

Don't forget that if you are ordering from the US, there will be customs as well.
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