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I have just set up my first no filter nano bowl. I have used the following;
Tropica substrate base layer,
Tropica aqua soil ontop,
Fine gravel in the foreground,
Spider wood,
Seiryu stone.

(All of the above is brand new. I washed the gravel and stone first but everything else was straight out of the packet).

Set up and first 24hrs was great. Didn't disturb anything when filling up and I have used basic low light easy grow plants.

I did a 50% water change after 24hrs but then may have made a rookie error..... I wanted to swap the position of two plants i had planted so when the water was lowest I carefully pulled them out and swapped them around. This didn't make much mess and all seemed fine. I filled the bowl back up and thought that was that. That day I then noticed the water starting to turn grey and cloudy which steadily got worse over that day until the next morning when it was dark and slightly browner. I did another water change today and the water has again gradually started to get murkeir since.

I fear I may have punctured the soil capping top and disturbed some of the base substrate when moving the plants which has caused it to leach into the water and be the cause for the gloom.

Would that be the cause?

If so is it best to maintain water changes daily as planned in the hopes it starts to ease?


Should i drain the water to below the level at the back where I disturbed it and add some more aqua soil or fine garvel to try and plug whatever gaps may have been made?

This is all new to me and a learning experience so apologies if there is an obvious answer. Trial and error and all that.


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The brown is most likely coming from the spider wood leaching out tannins.

Something you didn't mention was how thick your fine gravel layer was. How thick is it in comparison to the substrate and aqua soil layers?

How gently are you doing your water changes?
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