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Advice for a filter upgrade 20gal

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I have a 20gal high tank. Right now it has the stock Topfin20 HOB. I have that spidey sense tingle that its not going to last long. I want to start looking for an upgrade now. Im slowly moving towards a more planted tank so i dont think it will really handle alot. My problem is ive only ever had HOBs, never anything else. I know canisters are better, especially after reading about them i think thats the route i should go. Ive also read they are not great with sand, which i have. Its a pretty coarse sand, the corys barely disturb it. Any suggestions?
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Eheim 2215, if you can afford to get one. Run everything inline too.
Any media you would suggest?
Eheim cans (or at least the 2213-17) come with their own media which is pretty good.
I have a sandy bottom tank as well and my 2213 does ok with sand it could be better but my intake is REALLY low in the tank.
I have sand, but i honestly would barely consider it sand. Its more like crush gravel. Chunky and heavy. My hand vac pulls it up maybe an inch off the surface but no farther. Thank you for actually suggesting something, i appreciate it :) just have to scrimp a little and buy one :)
Hiya - I'm a big Eheim ecco pro fan, I use a ecco pro 35 on my 10 gallon and there are larger models as well. I use the marine pure balls (can buy them from southern oak aquatics here on TPT) and use the substratPRO little coco-puff looking balls to fill in the gaps in the basket. It is an extremely easy to use/clean unit. A lot of folks like the classic, but I know the difference in maintenance between the old clunky magnum 350 I use compared to the eheim pro 3 (or ecco pro) is gigantic - SO much easier to deal with.
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