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Im currently running a 37g planted tank. The dimensions are 30w, 12d, 22h. I'm doing one canister of those fluval DIY CO2, dosing Flourish (just the plain one) and Flourish Excel.

The current light I have on it is a 96w pc 6700k. Its this one:

Due to it being fairly short, I end up moving it around throughout the day. The first 1/3rd of the day I move it to the side of my tank with less plants, the other 2/3rds of the day I move it to the side of my tank with the focal point and more plants.

How detrimental is it that my tank is 22 inches tall? What would you estimate my actual wpg is factoring in that its taller than normal tanks? Should I buy a second light to fill in the extra space up top due to the current light being short? If so, what? I also have a long 30" 20watt light that came with my aquarium that I could add back in, unfortunetly it would have to be some creative placement factoring in the current 96w light.
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