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Advice 55 gallon.

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My 55 gallon tank is in need of an overhaul. It's an old established tank currently inhabiting 4 Angelfish, 1 Brown Knifefish and 1 Golden Dojo Loach. You can see the tank in this thread: I plan on getting some new Large driftwood in the tank. Probably some manzanita branches. I want to go low tech with live plants but I also don't want to start from scratch so I want to keep the existing pea gravel substrate. My question would be what kinds of plants will grow in a low light, low tech setup with the existing gravel. I have a Wisteria Plant in my 37 gallon that's getting a little out of control (37 Gallon Tank Journal: ) I'd like to transfer that to the 55 Gallon. The wisteria seems to grow like a weed. Will it grow in the 55 gallon? I'm basically looking for some plants that will grow regardless of light/water conditions. Should I go with potted plants?
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Mosses, all types of anubius, all types of java fern and buces all do well in low light and don't use the substrate. Attach them to driftwood and rocks. I've had good luck with crypt wendtii in low light low tech also.
Great. Thanks for the info. Will the Wisteria grow in there? Its just getting way too big for my 37 gallon.
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