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a fellow member from SCAPE forums introduced me to these guys and i couldnt resist. i bought some asap and made me another tank.

these guys grow fast! and i dont know why but im so AMAZED at these guys

- 3 gallon glass rimless??
-black sand with a sprinkle of aquasoil
-sponge filter
-marina 75 airpump
-azoo palm thermometer
-hydor mini heater 7.5w
-26w desk lamp

-Water Fleas 50-100
-Beaver Tail Fairy Shrips 80-100 [sea monkeys!!!!]
-Clam Shrimp 12-14
-Triops 7-10
-blue mystery snail

will add lots of ramhorn snails in the future
maybe worms!?

-Salvinia Minima

more plants to come in the future
maybe moss plants

these pics are DAY #7 from egg hatch



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small frog i caught in a stream by my local park. anyone know what kind is it?

i love this tank. its messy, ugly, and natural.

so i now have lots and lots of snails and critters. i now have a huge familly of ramhorn snails which are awesome, tons of pond snails, SCUDS, copepods, worms worms worms, HUGE planarias, a dwarf crayfish!, and some random plants. also got some MTS recently from the August meeting.

as for my fairy shrimps, they are disappearing everyday, my guess is my cray fish is catching and eating them because i never see any dead bodies. i dont mind since i could just hatch more. clams shrimps are all dead now.
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