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hey fellas!

This is my first attempt to setup a planted tank. i have no past experience with plants but i am excited and determined to learn. since i tend to make everything harder for my self, i decided to continue that habbit and got my self a Fluval Edge.

It has been a month since i started planting and this is what i have so far

open to any suggestions, and comments.

so what do you guys think??!

-Fluval Edge

-ADA aqua soil amazonia

-5lbs Seiryu stone

X2 13w ottlite lamps
13w modded shop light

-Hydor mini heater 7.5w
-X2 70mm fan
-digital thermometer

Pressurized Co2
-20oz paintball canister
-asa valve
-brass regulator
-silicone tube
-do! aqua 15mm diffuser
-mini plastic bubble counter
-plastic check valve

-Hemianthus callitrichoides HC
-Ranunculus Inundatus River Buttercups
-Dwarf hair grass E.Belem
-Pogostemon helferi Downoi

- DRY EI method

-x2 Otocinclus
-x5 rcs
-zebra nerite snail

Future Changes/WANTS
-If HC fails to flourish, i will replace foreground carpet to glossos or riccia

-Zoo Med 501 canister filter ( the stock filter works great, but the water level drops daily and water flows down like a water flow and the plants end up floating )

-INTENSE CO2 Bazooka Diffuser or Mr. Aqua Turbo Diffuser

- more shrimps CRS? CBS? Blue Tiger?


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If Ya zoomed in to the edges of the glass and the toot wasn't seen, you would think this is a MUCH BIGGER TANK!

Great job on the DIY TOO!

I am 4sure wanting to see pics as it grows out!

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Your scape looks great. SOLID first attempt if you ask me.

Can I ask for more info on the ottlites? I considered using a 13W fixture of theirs for my edge, but did not see one that was compact seem to have found what I was looking for. How long has that setup been working for you?

Right now I have a pair of the 'home depot' desk lamps, but at 27 watts each I'm having to constantly think of creative ways to diffuse the light.

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thanks for the cool comments guys!


otos are the best. its a must for planted tanks. they work hard eating algae 24/7.

the 13 watts are working good so far. all the plants are growing.
i might do another light mod when i get a chance to.


they are Ranunculus Inundatus (river buttercups)

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UPDATE just took some quick pics

his name is GARY

soo... alot of lesson learned stuff happened since i posted.

finally got my fert dosing corrected, i had a huge staghorn algae problem but is now going away, i had to cut off some of my RI =[, brown algae is under control thanks to my awesome otos, also some slimy algae that my shrimps and snails ate, added some glossos and hydrocotyle, got a new diffuser, more cherries about 30 of them.

i know my tank is dirty :doh
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