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I'm using the non-co2 method by Tom Barr, in which he gives the suggested dosing of:

1/4 ts Seachem Equilibrium
1/8 ts of KNO3 (Potassium Nitrate)
1/32 Teaspoon of KH2PO4 (Potassium Mono Phosphate)

For a 20G Tank, which gives concentrations of:

5.27 ppm NO3
1.61 ppm PO4
7.41 ppm K
0.02 ppm Fe
1.42 ppm Ca
0.42 ppm Mg

So this might sound obvious but, to adjust these doses for a smaller tank, say 15 gallon, do I maintain the ppm concentration and adjust the actual dosage amount?

ex. a 15gallon still needs 5.27ppm, but it will take less KNO3 to get there

when i was figuring out my dosages yesterday this did not occur to me until today... just trying to get clarification :icon_smil


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It depends what your goal is.

If you want to maintain the same concentrations, given a smaller volume of water, you will need to dose less.

However, if your goal is to maintain the same dosing volume, then you will need to realize that your final concentration will increase.

Ultimately, it should not matter too much, since EI is meant to be "estimative" in nature, and you are doing water changes to reset the parameters anyway.

Furthermore, between 15-20 gallons, there is not too much difference, so you could probably keep the same dosing amount.
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