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Hi everyone, Im rather new to this site so please forgive me if Im posting in a style unlike the others. Im coming to talk to you all about my frogs. I have a younger male (about 9mo) and an older female (about 4.5 years) african dwarf frogs. Yes, Im sure thats what type they are, not the clawed frogs. Anyways, I keep a planted community tank thats 10 gallons. I have 2 guppies, my 2 adf, 1 mystery snail, 1 nerite snail, about 10 adult ramshorn snails and various babies in stages, and about 3 bladder snails and various babies. I feed somewhat heavy, well, I do a variety of flakes and dehydrated things for the fish and sinking pellets, algee pellets, and snello or fresh (blanched) greens every few days. I feed a large variety, not a large amount of each.
My tank gets a 30% water chabge every 4 days or so and every 2 or 3 changes I do more like 50-60% and really clean out the bottom areas of snail poop or vegetable matter.
I check water paremeters periodically and my tanks stays at about a 7.2-7.4 ph and I havent had an amonia spike ever. My nitrites have always been at 0 since its been cycled and my nitrates are close to 0 also. I dont check gh or kh as I havent had means to order kits to test those, nor do I find i need to.
Ok, now that you know all you probably cpuld know about my tank, I have been seeing my male adf eating duckweed! I feed frozen bloodworms to them every other day they get a cube, brine shrimp every week or two, depending on how much other stuff the tanks gotten lately, they get daphnia when i can get it too- Im just surprised! I dont think he was doing it out of hunger- in fact, he could easily munch on baby snails or take over when i feed bloodworms or brineshrimp, but he doesnt, he lets the female eat first and then he lazily comes out and eats! So I tried reading up to see if anyone has seen their frogs eatimg floaters and everyone says no they will not eat them. I have maybe half a dozen snall frogbit floaters, lots of water spangles and duckweed and i routinely remove the water spangles and duckweed to give away, freeze and make into snello or whatever to ensure light reaches my plants and the water isnt more than 75% covered. My sponge filter ensures a large area remains opens anyways. So they have places to hide, places to hunt, plenty to eat and yet he munches on the floaters occasionally.
I am suspicious that there is enough snails laying eggs up on the floaters now that maybe he is eating the plants covered in baby snails or snail eggs-? Or maybe there was a snail on the plant at he ate it and i missed it somehow-? I dont think so though as hes little still, about dime size when hunkered down. My girl is like a quarter at her smallest lol shes BIG compared to him anyways.
So my question is, have any of you experienced this, and if so, under similar circumstances or different?
Does anyone have thoughts on why this is happenening or if i should be concerned at all-? So far I am not, Ive only seen him eat them maybe 3 times ever, Im just presuming if I've seen him do it that many, hes done it at least that many I did not see.
I hope you're all enjoying your fishy friends in the craziest year in a long time and allowing them to reduce your stresses when possible, I know I am <3
Thanks in advance,
A Hobbit in Oregon
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