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Additional lighting for a 20G long 30"?

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Hey all, right now I'm using a Fluval Aqualife and Plant LED 24-36" fixture on my tank and I've had great growth with tons of pearling from my carpet in the middle but the two ends of my tank are shadowed so it's been hard getting the plants I want to grow well at the ends. Here's a pic from a few months ago, the plants at the ends eventually exhibited signs of insufficient light so I pulled them out (I've also rescaped since and gotten rid of the big rock on the left).

The problem is that the fixture is only 24" long and it rests directly on the glass of my tank. I don't want to hang anything because the tank is located next to the TV in my living room and any hanging lights would put a glare right in the eyes of the TV viewers.

The two solutions I have come up with so far are either to get a fixture that will span the entire 30" length of my tank or to add another of the same 24" fixture and hope the extra light will be enough to fill in the sides enough for healthy growth. I was considering adding a Current Satellite Freshwater+ which will have the same length problem but would have extra light and the color configurations are tempting. I looked at Finnex and BuildMyLED and it looks like the Finnex Ray II 30" model only has 24" of LEDs inside and the body and rim mounts casing of the BuildMyLED are kind of ugly but it goes the whole 30" length.

One of the main goals I've had with this tank is to make the equipment attractive so that it compliments the scene inside the tank which is what lead me to buy the Fluval LED because the enclosure looks really nice. At this point I'm not really sure what I want to do next, adding another Fluval LED would probably look the best as far as the equipment goes but won't do much to solve my problems with end shadows. The Fluval's overall color is just slightly warmer than I would like so the Current or BuildMyLED models seem like a good way to add a bit of cooler light if I want to. Finnex seems like a solid and reputable choice but the silver enclosure would clash with my existing black equipment and if the LEDs are still only 24" then it doesn't do much, does the new FugeRAY Planted have LEDs spanning the whole length of the 30" version?

My tank's background is frosted with an LED strip behind it that creates sunset and sunrise scenes and the adding the Current with their ramp timer to the mix seems like it would be a cool way to make a more interesting sunset and nighttime scene (currently the backlight is the only lighting at night).

Does anybody have a recommendation for something I can add to brighten up the ends of my tank without having a bunch of ugly equipment on top of my tank?
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