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Additional filter comparment for probes/etc

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I am looking to build my first true high tech system and I am still thinking how hide all hardware to stand. Is a sump only solution how to put PH, temp probes, auto dosing system, twinstar, auto top off and what ever? I am tech nerd so I want more or less all cool toys with control system, etc.

Can I somehow made additional filter chamber from for example old eheim canister, which would provide space for all of these equipment? I need space for probes, entrance for dosing system, place to put twinstar. CO2 can go to tank thru reactor, auto top off can go right in to the tank.

Or on the other hand why should I not sump my tank? I am looking for 120-140l system, so sump would chew some of my visible tank, but I still can manage about something like 45cm cube + 30/40 sump system below.

Share your ideas or post some examples.

Thanks planted tank community!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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