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Adding worms to the substrate

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I just set up a 35 gallon tall tank and I'm considering adding some type of worm to help aerate the dirt. I've been trying to seek out info about worms in the substrate on the web, but most of what I come across is just info about how to get rid of them. Once the tank is cycled I'm planning on adding Sparkling Gouramis and other tiny (around 1") fish. Does anyone have any suggestions for what type of worms will aerate the dirt and be a food source for the fish once they are added? Also, I know this may be a silly question but, will the worms be okay while the tank is going through a fishless cycle? I'm just wondering if they will survive, or in some way be tainted from the high ammonia and nitrite levels during cycling.
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:hihi: It's pretty comical to see a fish ignoring a field of worms below it. I'm planning on Sparkling Gouramis and Kuhli loaches or Dwarf Loaches (if I can find them) From what I've read they're pretty active hunters. But like with everything else, you can never know beforehand exactly how things will play out.
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