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ive heard that Anubias can actually thrive in shade
Very true. Bright light can actually damage them, or at the very least result in them being smothered in algae.

Do you get algae in the tank in the area where you want to put the anubias?

so that's why I was hoping to use the ferts instead of good lighting. Will this work?
Doesn't work like that. Extra fertilizer doesn't make up for a lack of lighting. Plants need three basic things, light, CO2, and fertilization. These must all be in the correct ratios. Too much of one is at best useless and at worst will kill everything in the tank. Luckily for you, the animals in the tank are already providing plenty of fertilizer, the sunlight is probably adequate for anubias, and CO2 is unnecessary in a "low-tech" tank.

You might also look into crypts. These are another good low-light plant. "Crypt wendtii" is a good on to try.

EDIT: I never actually answered your question! With only two anubias, you probably don't need to add any of those products. The best thing to do now is just watch and wait. Take some pictures of the anubias and check back in a few weeks to see if they've started growing any new leaves. If something is missing we can tell you based on the pictures.
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