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Adding snails to breeding Shrimp Tank?

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I have a breeding colony of about 15 yellow shrimp. I've only had them for a week or so and already several females are berried. I want to add a few snails to eat some algae, and because I like how they look.

Does anyone know if the snails are any danger to baby shrimp? It seems like it wouldn't be a problem but I wanted to hear some experienced opinions.

Also, anyone have a cool looking snail to recommend?
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What snails do you plan to add? For algae I suggest Nerites.

It is highly unlikely the Nerites will eat anything besides algae and vegetables. MTS, brigs, and likely pond snails will compete for the shrimps' food.

As stated before, snails will likely be much too slow to attack baby shrimp, if they even have the desire to do so.
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