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adding snails to a carpeted shrimp tank

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I would like to add some type of snail to my shrimp tank. Ive done a good amount of research on my own but i think it would be useful tog get some opinions of people who have seen the tank.
I attached a picture of my shrimp tank, it is heavily carpeted with hygrophilia polysperma, i know they grow quite tall but I will either cut them down or let them create a jungle in the future. I need some type of snail that wont uproot the delicate plants, i dont feed much so overpopulation should not be too big of a problem. Thank you for your opinions :biggrin:


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I would go with baby mysterys, then move them when they get too big for your comfort. Or regular bladder snails. Nerites and ramshorns produce a lot of eggs but could work. Ramshorn with caution because some might eat plants. MTS with low feeding can still produce high numbers, and large adults could uproot small plants theoretically. Rabbit snails would definitely not work they eat plants quicker than any snail I've seen, even my giant apples. Assassin snails would be fine, they stay smaller than MTS, but are purely carnivorous, so would need sinking carnivore pellets. There are more options I cant think of though, but most would probably be burying species like MTS, rabbits, and assassins.
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