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Adding rams

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How many rams can I have in my 55. I know the temp is a little low.

10 bloodfin
5 Head and Tail Light (need one more)
7 Lemon Tetras
1 Gold tetra (LFS thougt it was a lemon tetra, same thing happened with the first 4 head and tail lights)
2 gold rams
1 Dwarf Rainbow (I think this is what it is It is a rainbow. The lfs didn't notice it when I bought my rams. I didn't notice it until I got home. Not sure what to do with him.)
4 Julii Cories

(Thinking of adding 3 otos and on more head and tail light.)

Tank Stats (for more information):
Cascade 700 and medium sponge filter
ph: 7.4
Ammonia .25 (Test says distilled water is also at .25)
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 5ppm
Temp: 77

1 giant Amazon Sword
1 small amazon sword
mondo grass
Brazilian micro sword
1 other type of sword
1 unidentifiable red leafed plant,
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Another pair. You already have two Golden Rams (I'm assuming a pair) in the tank. If either pair off, you need "clearance" while they protect the spawn.
To be honest I am not sure if they are a pair. I only got them recently. I tried to use guides to pick a male and female, But I am not sure. Gold Rams are hard to tell gender.

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If you want to add more, do it soon, and if there is anything you can rearrange before you add the new ones, do that. Driftwood, rocks...

Then watch the behavior.
Often one male will boss everyone around, so the bossiest fish, dorsal fin standing tall is male. If you have 4 females one of them will probably take charge, but her dorsal fin is different. (usually).

The 3 others are a bit tricky.
A less dominant male might try to keep challenging the dominant fish, or might go off to find his own territory. If he is just acting like a female the dominant male generally won't continue to attack. The lower ranking male will not be holding his dorsal fin so high, so it is difficult to see if he is indeed a he or she. Might be a juvenile male or a less dominant personality.
The females usually won't challenge the dominant male, but may try to hang around hoping to become his mate. They may challenge each other.

Perhaps go to a different store (they may get fish from a different breeder, though Rams are pretty much inbred). Try to pick out 2 females.
While they are generally monogamous breeders, the spare females are not usually chased as much, and some males may decide they like more than one. He might rotate, breeding with one this time, and a different one next time.
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