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30g planted with mature crypts and anubias nana. Penguin 200 biowheel. 24" T8 aqueon colormax. Had 11 red serpae tetra and 5 tiger barbs for 2 years. Never dosed c02 or ferts. Crypt tips are curling, LFS recommends gravel vac, Erase CLP, and liquid co2.

Removed serpae tetra and tiger barbs, grew tired of all thay orange. Currently 11 neon tetra, thinking of adding 6-8 harlequin rasbora, 6 oto cats, and 4-5 platy.

Added a hygrophilia corymbosa. Would like to add sword and maybe vals.

Thinking of additional lighting, liquid co2, and liquid ferts.

Ideas, insigjts, thoughts, suggestions?
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