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Adding more stock question

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Hello PT,

I have a question about my stock level.

I have a 10g low tech medium planted aquarium. Been running about 3 months now and it was pre-loaded with a friends filter media so it was cycled fast. I run an aquaclear 30 HOB at medium speed.

I have been slowly adding fish/shrimp to the mix but I found some Chili Rasbora's for a good price and love the little guys.

Currently I have:
4 glow danios (2 of my 6 didnt make it)
6 Neon tetra's
2 Nerite Snails (which are plastering eggs everywhere!!)
~7-10 ghost shrimp. Some are hiding, cant get an accurate count, the average count is 7. Not going to restock these as I plan on bringing in RCS.

~15 red cherry shrimp to start a colony.
~5 Chili Rasboras

AQadvisor says this will put me at around 150% load. I know though with plants and decent filtration, it is possible to put your stock a little higher.

I do water changes around 20% each week and so far the tank is looking great outside of the diatoms.

Should I just not put in the rasboras?
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