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I been looking at Trace mixes and thinking if I should add more copper to my mix?

Here is my current mix:

Chemical Salt (Trace %)Amount of Chemical Salt (Amount of Trace)Trace Element Percent
of Total Weight
DTPA Fe (Fe 11%)170g (18.7g)8.29%
MnSO4.H2O (Mn 32%)29g (9.28g)4.11%
ZnSO4.H20 (Zn 35%)3.1g (1.085g)0.48%
CuSO4.H20 (Cu 25%)1.15g (0.2875g)0.13%
H3BO3 (B 17%)22g (3.74g)1.66%
Na2MoO4.2H20 (Mo 40%)0.45g (0.18g)0.08%

biOrb LIFE 45 L, planted, EI dosing, CO2 injected; ADA Cube Garden 45F, planted, EI dosing, low tech
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If you get the trace mix "pre-mixed" then I wouldn't mess with it unless you're convinced by observing your plants that you have a copper deficiency (seems unlikely). I'm not sure there's a right answer here. I use APFUK 'chelated trace' mix which is:

dry powder mixweekly in tank ppm
Fe 8.2% (EDTA Chelated)0.590
Mn 1.82% (EDTA Chelated)0.131
Zn 1.16% (EDTA Chelated)0.084
B 1.05%0.076
Cu 0.23% (EDTA Chelated)0.017
Mo 0.15%0.011

but there's nothing to say that's good/bad other than I'm happy with how that's worked out for me.
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